Lisboa's Community Fund

Lisboa’s Community Fund is an initiative from the 351 Portuguese Startup Community with the support of Lisboa Unicorn Capital / Lisboa City Council.

The community fund is a shared basket of money and resources that local communities can draw on to carry out their activities or organize events. Administered by 351*, the Community Fund will allow several smaller communities in Lisboa to develop and become more active, therefore fostering:

  • An environment more prone to innovation
  • Diversified offer, connecting startup communities around the country
  • The training and development of local community leaders
  • The creation of several spaces for founders or future founders to exchange ideas and experiences
*351 will not charge any fee to administer the fund. All savings in the fund will be allocated towards the organisation of initiatives, events, training and other activities that will benefit the national startup ecosystem.


Events, Research, White Papers, Meetups… Anything that fosters the growth of our startup ecosystem!

Our goal is to support and accelerate the ecosystem’s growth by helping communities develop their initiatives in the city. We aim to increase the density of startup-related projects happening in Lisboa so that founders can connect with relevant stakeholders.


All communities and industries are welcome to apply. However, at times, and depending on what is underrepresented in our ecosystem, we may prioritize certain areas that promote diversity, sustainability, and heterogeneity, for example.


The only requirement? Your initiative must add value to the ecosystem. The community fund will support some of your costs* or put you in contact with partners that can offer their product/service for free. 

* costs must be submitted with budget proof.  

Apply for your community!

To apply to get your community / event funded, please fill the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


Informal communities, individual founders, small ecosystem players, incubators, schools, and non-profit organisations. We will not accept applications from corporates, big startups, service providers and other large institutions.


  • Mostly free initiatives are promoted, which advocate for gender parity in talks or speaker events and do not endorse racist, xenophobic, or discriminatory content.
  • Initiatives, communities, and events primarily organized by volunteers or independent organizations in the city are encouraged.
  • Priority will be given to projects in the Cleantech, Gaming, Healthtech, Worktech, and Web3 industries, but applications from other sectors are also welcome.
  • Organizations that weren’t supported yet by the fund will have the priority.
Please refer to the Community Fund Q&A for further information. 







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351 was born in 2019 as an informal gathering of entrepreneurs, startup founders and ecosystem players. Since then, we have become the largest  and most active startup community in Portugal with over 1200 active members and multiple weekly initiatives.